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Carrie's FAQS Document

  • Where do I find my textbook? Green sign, labeled by class number or sometimes teacher's name.
  • Can I check out textbooks? No, they are only for library use, as specified on the sticker on the spine of the book. Unless the textbook is reserved by their professor, they will be behind the Circulation Desk and can be checked out for the whole semester.
  • How do I log in to the computers? It's backwards slash \ NOT forward slash / .... No matter how many times I've told a student, they always forget. You can point to the bright yellow sign on the middle console.
  • How do I print? If you knew how to use the old ones, there's just one more step which is to select jobs. Then, just like before, they have to scroll down since the new ones don't go to the top.
  • How do I get a print card? Print cards are from the kiosk in the back of the Copy Center room, next to the circulation desk. They can also refill their print cards there.
  • Do I need cash for the print card? You will need a $1 bill to get your first card. 
  • Where can I get cash/find an ATM? ---- The Circulation Desk provides change for ONLY up to $5. If they have a larger bill, direct them to the book store or cafeteria. The cafeteria also possess the only ATM on campus, but there IS a fee of around $3.
  • Why isn't my print card working? ---- It's probably old and worn down. The Circulation Desk MIGHT give them a print card. Otherwise, advise them to keep their card below $2 at all times. The library isn't responsible for lost or worn print cards.
  • Where's the LRC? Downstairs, first floor of this building.
  • Where's Carrie/Sherrie or Librarians? In the front the left of the library at the "Research Assistance Desk".
  • How do you return a book? You can drop it off in the "Drop Off" box next to the Circulation Desk during open hours or if the Library is closed, outside to the right by the parking lot. Otherwise, students can go straight to the Circulation Desk.
  • How do you check out a book? ---- Always good to start off your answer with the question, do you have your student ID? They are required for every check out.
  • How do you log into the Wi-Fi? ---- First name, Last name, and email. Some will get a notification on their devices about the Wi-Fi which they must select to get this prompt. TIP Apple users might have to contact technical support, because the Wi-Fi messes up on them sometimes and there's nothing you can do!
  • Why isn't my paper printing? ---- Are they on Google docs? Download the file and open it. Are they printing from PDF? They might need to convert the file. TIP you can find free converters by Googling "Converters" or if they have a phone, using the app. You'll have to go through a few before finding a truly free one though. Otherwise it might be a problem with the printer, so the Circulation Desk can help.
  • How do I copy? You can copy in the Copy Center room in the Library.
  • Can you watch my things? ---- Caution! You're liable if anything happens. You should tell them this, or just say you are not allowed to.