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PRA: Locations

Library Map





Important Places to Know 

  • Know General Parking Information
    • First week is typically free, always need to have a temporary parking permit outside of that first week (purchase at yellow automated machines around campus parking lots)
  • Carrie's Office
    • Located in the back rightmost room behind the "Circulation Desk"
  • Orientation Room 
    • Located in the only room on the left side Library near the entrance
  • Writing Center
    • Located on the right side of the library 
  • LRC
    • Located on the first floor below the library
  • Tutoring center
    • located in the LRC
  • Bookstore 
    • Building 250 (diagnolly across from the 800 building)
  • Enrollment Office
    • Building 100
  • Financial Aid Office
    • Building 100
  • Veteran Affairs Office (VA Office)
    • Room 1017
  • SGA Portable (where to get flyers stamped for putting up around campus)
  • If unsure of a location refer to the "Circulation Desk"