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Funding Your College Education:Scholarship Information: Media Arts


Name Amount Information Due Date
AAJA/ Mary Quon Moy Ing Memorial Scholarship $2000

AAJA will award up to $2,000 to a currently enrolled college student or graduating high school senior who is pursuing journalism as a career.
AAJA/ Vincent Chin Scholarship $500

Vincent Chin’s legacy lives on. The brutal attack that took his life occurred late at night with few people around, but its reverberations spread across the country and have lasted for decades. Asian Americans came together to demand justice and found a common voice and purpose. In honor of Chin and thanks to the generosity of Joe Grimm, a former newsroom recruiter and staff development editor for the Detroit Free-Press, the Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA) has established a college scholarship. This scholarship rewards an accomplished, community-minded student journalist for an insightful, articulate essay related to Chin and his legacy. Open to undergraduate students.
AAJA/ William Woo Print/Online Internship Grant $1000

AAJA will award one grant in the amount of $1,000 in honor of William Woo to support a print or online news intern of any racial or ethnic background and give him/her an opportunity to practice daily journalism while gaining valuable career-building experience. Applicants must be full time college students or recent graduates (one year).
AAJA/ Al Young Sports Journalism Scholarship Up to $2000

Up to $2,000 available to currently enrolled students pursuing sports journalism/media as a career; funded by the AAJA Sports Task Force. The scholarship is designed to specifically help Asian American/Pacific Islander students interested in sports reporting or other sports media-related professions.

The Graphics Communication Scholarship, Award and Career Advancement Foundation TBA

The Foundation provides financial support to New York City metro area students pursuing careers in graphic communications. Open to undergraduate and graduate students.
Arena Stage Allen Lee Hughes Fellowship Weekly stipent of $300

Named for the Tony Award-nominated lighting designer, the Allen Lee Hughes Fellowship & Internship Program offers personalized training opportunities with Arena’s ensemble of resident artists, technicians and administrators. The goal of the program is to cultivate the next generation of theater professionals by providing the highest standard of training through immersion in the art and business of producing theater. Arena Stage provides in-depth, hands-on experience with seasoned professionals. Fellowships are only available for full-time, full-season commitments of 30-44 weeks. Internships are available during the summer and require an 8-12 week commitment.
Bayliss Foundation $5000

The Bayliss Foundation has been distributing scholarships to outstanding broadcast/communications students for over 23 years. Each award is in the amount of $5,000. The number of scholarships awarded each year depend on the size of the endowment. Juniors and seniors majoring in Broadcast Communications with a 3.0 or better GPA are encouraged to apply.
Emma L. Bowen Foundation for Minority Interests in Media Fellowship Program Salary and money toward college expenses

The Emma L. Bowen Foundation for Minority Interests in Media is a non-profit organization with a mission to create career opportunities in the media industry for youth of color through a program that focuses on scholastic achievement, direct work experience and professional development. If selected, you will have the opportunity to work within the field of media, develop valuable skills, and network with industry professionals each summer through college. We offer fellowships that prepare students for careers in the Business of Media, Content of Media and Innovation of Media. Open to graduating high school seniors and college students.
Early March each year
EDSF $1,000 - 5,000

The EDSF scholarship program was initiated in 1999 to recognize and support the next generation of professionals for the Document Management and Graphic Communication industry. The industry encompasses the wide range of businesses and professionals involved in the creation, management, production, distribution and storage of print and electronic documents. Open to undergraduate and graduate students.
Harriet Hale Woolley Scholarship $11,500

Harriet Hale Woolley Scholarships are awarded annually to up to four graduate and postgraduate American students in the visual fine arts (painting, graphic design, print-making, sculpture, or photography) and music (composition, or instrumental or vocal performance). Successful candidates propose a detailed project related to their study that requires a year-long residency in Paris. Applicants must be U.S. citizens and between the ages of 21-29.
Jack G. Shaheen Mass Communications $2500

Purpose: To honor Arab American students who excel in media studies. Eligibility: College students majoring in journalism, radio, television, and/or film, and who are juniors, seniors, or in graduate school
UFVF/KODAK Student Cinematography Scholarship Award $1,500 - 3,000

KODAK Student Cinematography Scholarship Award will include a cash tuition prize along with KODAK Film Product grants to assist recipients with future projects. Participating worldwide colleges and universities that offer a degree or diploma program in film, film production, or cinematography may nominate up to two students each year for consideration for the KODAK Student Scholarship Award and one cinematography student each year for consideration for the KODAK Student Cinematography Scholarship Award. The cinematography student nominee may also be nominated for the KODAK Student Scholarship Award.
UFVF/KODAK Student Scholarship Award $2,000 - 4,000

Student Scholarship applicants will be judged on professional filmmaking potential, academic excellence and the overall quality of the work submitted, with particular attention to expression, interpretation and construction of the visual image.
NYWICI $2,500 - 10,000

Each year, the New York Women in Communications Foundation awards 15-20 scholarships to graduating high school seniors and undergraduate and graduate students who intend to pursue or further a career in communications. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic excellence, need and a demonstrated commitment to the field of communications. New York Women in Communications and its Foundation are committed to inclusion and diversity.

Women's Press Club $1000

The Women’s Press Club of New York State Scholarship is awarded annually to a student or students who are residents of New York State and who are or will be enrolled full-time in a college or university located within New York in a communications-related field of study.

Worldstudio AIGA Scholarships $500-5000

Worldstudio AIGA Scholarships allow young people from minority and economically disadvantaged backgrounds not only to realize their artistic dreams, but also to give back to their communities. Open to undergraduate and graduate students.