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Native American Studies

A guide for to assist with research on Native American histories, cultures, and communities.

Library Research


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American Indian Experience
Gives exclusive focus to the historically underrepresented realities of indigenous peoples in the United States. Provides both primary sources and secondary sources. Topic-oriented scholarly essays address sensitive topics such as cultural appropriation, etc.

American Indian History
Offers an interactive history of the indigenous peoples of the Americas, 600+ Native American groups and more than 15,000 years of culture and history. Includes primary sources.

Diversity Studies
Explores cultural differences, contributions and influences in the global community. Includes more than 2.7 million articles from 150 journals.


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A-Z Databases    

MSJC Library provides access to over 100 databases that members of the campus community can use to search for sources on their research topic.                                                                                                                                                                     

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Reference Sources

Reference Databases are a great place to do background research on a topic. They include encyclopedias, dictionaries, maps, diagrams, art, and photos. Use the search box to find information on your topic. Type in a single "keyword" or do an Advanced Search to search for multiple terms. You can start with the Black Studies reference book listed here:


Search our eBook collection directly to find accessible books on a topic.

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