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Native American Studies

A guide for to assist with research on Native American histories, cultures, and communities.

Local Research Centers and Museums


California Center for Native Nations (UC Riverside)
The California Center for the Native Nations (CCNN) is the bridge between the University of California and California’s Tribal Nations. It is a research center at the University of California, Riverside, that strives to and is committed to preserving the rich histories, cultures, languages and sovereignty of Tribal Nations. With a special focus on California Tribal Nations, CCNN is committed to working alongside American Indians to initiate, facilitate and execute research for, with, by, and about American Indians. CCNN connects Tribal Nations with UC expertise to execute the aforementioned. The relationship CCNN seeks to achieve with Tribal Nations is reciprocal, not only benefiting and enriching the Tribal Nations in which it connects with, but also enriching Native American and American Indian Studies within academia.

The Center for Indigenous Peoples Studies (CSUSB)
The Center for Indigenous Peoples Studies (CIPS) is the primary site for innovative programs for the study of American Indians and local, national and international Indigenous Peoples. The CIPS programs involves CSUSB faculty, students and administrators, partnerships with Native Nations (Tribes) in the region and nationally, and strong connections with Indigenous Peoples throughout the Americas and the world, many currently in contact with Center personnel and the university.
The Center conducts research, facilitates curricular and instructional programs, coordinates academic activities and interacts on at least four levels of indigenous peoples, contributing to the development of knowledge and advancement of related social issues. CSUSB is providing support through CIPS to enhance opportunities to provide service, learn about and engage in leadership roles in California, nationally with Indian Nations, and internationally with Indigenous Peoples.

Malki Museum
The mission of Maliki Museum is to promote scholarship and cultural awareness, and to promote preservation of Southern California Indian cultures ( as well as other Indians having historical and cultural ties to Southern California) for future generations. Maliki Museum is the oldest non-profit museum founded by Native Americans on a California Indian reservation, and has been the inspiration for several other Indian museums.