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Native American Studies

A guide for to assist with research on Native American histories, cultures, and communities.

Native Lands


Native American Land Conservancy
Supported in part by Twenty-Nine Palms Band of Mission Indians, the NALC purchased the cultural landscape that is now the Old Woman Mountains Preserve, an area traditionally known as Mamápukaiv.
The 2,416-acre Preserve is located in the Ward Valley, 40 miles west of the Colorado River in the northern extension of the Old Woman Mountains.
Mamápukaiv, is a sacred landscape where the presence of the ancestors still remains.  Today, the Native American Land Conservancy manages this sacred landscape, to preserve it as an undisturbed area where cultural continuity and tribal identity can flourish.

Sogorea Te’ Land Trust
Sogorea Te’ Land Trust is an urban Indigenous women-led land trust based in the San Francisco Bay Area that facilitates the return of Indigenous land to Indigenous people.
Through the practices of rematriation, cultural revitalization, and land restoration, Sogorea Te’ calls on Native and non-native peoples to heal and transform the legacies of colonization, genocide, and patriarchy and to do the work our ancestors and future generations are calling us to do.

Native Land Map
Native Land Digital is a registered Canadian not-for-profit organization. We have a majority-Indigenous Board of Directors, representing people who have close ties to land bases, communities, and deep knowledge about Indigenous ways of being and knowing. The Board of Directors is further informed by an Advisory Council, consisting of a variety of specialists in mapmaking, GIS, relations with Indigenous communities, and more. Together, these two forces help to face and deal with many of complex issues that mapping Indigenous territories involves

The Digital Atlas of California Native Americans
Created at the California Department of Parks and Recreation with generous financial support from the DRAM Antitrust Settlement, the Digital Atlas of California Native Americans is a free, online multimedia tool to help students and the public visualize California before, during, and after European occupation, with a focus on the Native American experience, through a collection of map layers and informational pages.