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LGBTQ+ Studies

Open Textbooks



LGBTQ+ Studies: An Open Textbook

Edited by Deborah Amory and Sean Massey

This introductory level LGBTQ Studies OER text addresses contemporary LGBTQ social issues from the perspective of the social sciences, sociology, anthropology, political science, psychology, and the human services.

Gender and Sexuality: An Inquiry

Jason G. Damron and Vicki Reitenauer

This textbook provides an interdisciplinary and intersectional framework for thinking critically about the historical and contemporary applications of knowledge about gender and sexuality.

Introduction to Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies

 Donovan Lessard, Laura Heston, Miliann Kang, and Sonny Nordmarken

This textbook introduces key feminist concepts and analytical frameworks used in the interdisciplinary Women, Gender, Sexualities field. It unpacks the social construction of knowledge and categories of difference, processes and structures of power and inequality, with a focus on gendered labor in the global economy, and the historical development of feminist social movements. The book emphasizes feminist sociological approaches to analyzing structures of power, drawing heavily from empirical feminist research.

Sexuality and Translation in World Politics

Edited by Caroline Cottet, Editor, E-International Relations
Manuela Lavinas Picq, Editor, Amherst College

This textbook explores how terms such as LGBT and queer cross borders they evolve and adjust to different political thinking. Queer became kvir in Kyrgyzstan and cuir in Ecuador, neither of which hold the English meaning. Translation is about crossing borders, but some languages travel more than others. Sexualities are usually translated from the core to the periphery, imposing Western LGBT identities onto the rest of the world. Many sexual identities are not translatable into English, and markers of modernity override native terminologies.