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MLA Citation Tutorials and Helps

What You Need to Know About MLA Citations

Works Cited: A Quick Guide
Learn how to use the MLA practice template with this tutorial to create entries in the list of works cited.

Why are there so many citation styles?
MLA, APA, Chicago--ever wonder why there are so many citation styles? This link explains the reasoning behind the confusion.

Sample Papers in MLA Format
Confused about the formatting of your paper? Take a look at these samples so you don't get marked down for easy mistakes.

Formatting a Research Paper
A quick guide to formatting your paper, including what to do with the margins, font, headings, and works cited list.

MLA Citation Quick Reference Guide
Need to double check your citations? This printable guide is a summary of the MLA handbook and will give you examples for every style of citation.

MSJC Citations Guide
This guide gives overviews and sample citations for MLA, 8th edition and 7th edition, and APA citation styles.        

Citation Generators and Writing Help

Websites for Generating Citations

Knight Cite

This website works as a citation generator. You fill in the appropriate bibliographic information, and it pops out a citation for you to copy and paste into your works cited page. 


A favorite generator for citations, this website auto-fills the blanks but allows you to modify any information. It also keeps a running list of all your citations so you can copy and paste all at once. 

Chicago Manual of Style Quick Guide

The Chicago Manual of Style publishes a freely-available online "quick guide" to citing common sources. If the item you wish to cite is not covered in the online Quick Guide, please refer to the comprehensive print edition of the Chicago Manual of the Style, available in the MVC Library Reference collection.

Citation Builder

Developed by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Library, this citation generator provides all the fields for you to input the information and then organizes it for you. The best part is that the fields change based on the type of format you want to cite. 

General Writing Help

  Advice for College Students - Yale College Writing Center

  Handouts on Writing - University of North Carolina

   Writing Handbook - University of Wisconsin 

  The MLA Style Center MLA website that walks users through using MLA style guidelines.

  MSJC Libraries Citation Guide

 OWL Purdue - All your questions answered for working up a citation from scratch. 



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