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About Ebooks at MSjC

Managing Your Oxford Reference Search Results

Oxford Reference eBooks can be searched from the library catalog, OneSearch, or directly from the Oxford Reference platform. The collection is made up of specialized reference sources that can be useful for background research on a topic.

Oxford Reference allows you to manage search results in a number of ways using tools found at the top of results, eBook, and article pages.

Searching Oxford Reference

From the Oxford Reference landing page:

  • Enter your search terms in the search box
  • Explore subjects by hovering over images in the center section
  • Browse the eBooks owned by MSJC

Oxford Reference landing page screenshot


Your search results page will provide links to relevant entries containing your search terms from a number of different eBooks. You can browse the entries shown or click the Books tab to access the full eBooks. Examine ways to narrow your choices, if needed. Options for printing, saving, or sharing content appear in the upper right.

Oxford search results screenshot

Exploring Your Search Results

From the Books tab of your search results, click on a title of interest to open the eBook. From there, you can use the top-right tools to print, save, share or copy the citation. From the Entries tab below the eBook summary, navigate to specific entries and click to view them.

Oxford eBook record screenshot


You can also retrieve the citation for individual entries once you open them. Be sure to carefully proofread computer-generated citations for errors.

Oxford detailed entry screenshot