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EBSCO eBooks

EBSCO eBooks are digitized copies of published print material, including fiction and nonfiction books, reference books, and scholarly works from a broad range of subject areas and topics. They can be found using the library catalog, OneSearch, or directly from the EBSCO eBook platform.

EBSCO eBooks are recommended as a good starting point for your research with the largest collection of eBooks on the widest range of subjects.

Managing Your EBSCO Search Results

EBSCO allows you to manage search results in a number of ways.

  • Email links to eBooks, specific pages, or a saved search results list to yourself
  • Export links or search results to other platforms such as Google Drive or citation tools
  • Print to PDF, depending on publisher permissions

Use the Tools menu on the right side of an eBook's detailed record page to access these choices. To print or save specific pages within an EBSCO eBook, open the book and review the options on the top toolbar.

Ebsco ebook record tools menu screenshot

Create an EBSCO Account to Save Your Results

You can create an EBSCO account where you will be able to save your ebook search results to a personal folder and access them any time, as well as add notes about a book to review later.

To set up a personal account, click Sign In from the top right toolbar on any EBSCO search page.

Tip! Your personal EBSCO account can also be used to save magazine, newspaper, and scholarly journal article search results when you are using the EBSCO Collection of Databases .

How to Search EBSCO ebooks