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History 112 - U.S. History Since 1865: Find Books

Exploring the political, social, economic, and intellectual development in the United States from the end of the Civil War to the current period.

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Classification Areas

D1-2009            History (General)

D501-680          World War II, 1939-1945

DS1-937           Asia—History

DS918               Korean War

DS557-559.9    Vietnam Conflict

E151-889          United States—History

E660-738          Late nineteenth century, 1865-1900

E666-670         Johnson’s administration, 1865-1869

E668                  Reconstruction, 1865-1877

E669                  Purchase of Alaska, 1867

E711-738          McKinley’s 1st administration, 1897-1901

E714-735          War of 1898 (Spanish-American War)

E740-837.7       Twentieth century

E784-805          1919-1933; Harding-Coolidge-Hoover era

E830-840.8        Later twentieth century, 1961

E841-843          Kennedy’s administration, 1961-1963

E855-861          Nixon’s administrations, 1969-1974

E885-889          Clinton administration, 1993-2000


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