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Seven Steps to Library Research: Find Video

Seven Steps to Library Research - A step-by-step guide to efficient research using your MSJC Library.

Finding Video

You can find physical DVDs and some of the library's streaming video using OneSearch.

However, most streaming video collections are easier to access directly through the individual streaming video databases. Browse the list to determine which database might include video content on your topic.

Note: Some streaming video databases, like Kanopy, require you to create an individual account in order to view and save playlists. Be sure to use your MSJC email for your account so you are authenticated properly when you want to access video content.


Like other databases, streaming video databases usually offer tools to cite specific films for your Works Cited or References list. Click options like Share, Cite, or More, as needed, to find the tools you need. As always, be sure to check any computer-generated citations for accuracy!