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Psychology 101: Choosing a Topic

Choosing a Topic

Choosing a research topic can be a challenge. Explore some of the websites and articles on this page to help you discover a topic that may interest you. The following steps from Credo Education can also help you begin the process of choosing a topic.

Area: Start with a general area of interest. In this case, start with psychology.

Subject: Next, list subjects that fit within that area. Psychology includes addiction, depression, intelligence and learning, psychoanalysis, and more.

Topic: Select just one of the subjects to be the topic of your research. Let's use addiction for this example.

Aspect: Now you have to consider different facets of the topic of addiction. Examples are: effects of dependence, addictive behavior, recovery,  causes, and so on.

Description: Choose the aspect of your topic that you want to research further and formulate a description of your topic. For example, "The environmental causes of addiction are greater than the hereditary." might be your thesis statement. It's the argument that you are going to prove with evidence that you gather from your research.

Adapted from the MSJC Online Library Orientation tutorial: Choosing a Topic

Topic Ideas

These websites can be useful for browsing research topics related to psychology.

NPR Topics: Mental Health

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Psychology News from the APA

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Scientific American: Mind and Brain

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