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Advanced Research: Periodical Types

This guide is for MSJC students and advanced researchers and features topics such as strategic browsing, finding data and research tips to make your research process more efficient.

Types of Periodicals

Periodicals Use Access

Ex:  Investor's Business Daily

     The Village Voice

  • Current information
  • News stories
  • Opinion and commentary
  • Texts of speeches, etc.
Newspaper databases:
  • NexisUni
  • Newspaper Source Plus
  • Regional Business News
  • New York Times
  • Wall Street Journal

Popular Magazines
Ex: Time
       Rolling Stone

  • overview of current events
  • Does not use technical language
  • Contains charts, images, graphs
Periodical databases:
  • Academic Search Premier
  • Ebsco

Professional, Trade and Industry journals
Ex: Best's Review

      Library Journal

  • Written for practitioners in applied fields
  • Product information
  • Current trends and practices
  • Ebsco
  • Academic Search Premier

Journals of Opinion
Ex: American Conservative

     The New Republic

  • Written from a political viewpoint (liberal, conservative)
  • General audience
  • Commentary on politics, society
  • Book reviews

General Databases:

  • Masterfile Premier Publications
  • Ebsco

Scholarly/Research Journals

Ex:  Journal of Environmental Health

       Information Technology & People

  • Reports of original research
  • In-depth analysis of topics
  • Uses technical vocabulary
Specialized databases:
  • ERIC - Educational Resources Information Center
  • Academic Search Premier
  • Ebsco
  • CINAHL Plus Full Text Nursing Journals