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Sociology 101: Writing and Citation Help

Principles of Sociology

APA Style

APA Citation Style from the American Psychological Association is most commonly used to cite sources within the social sciences. 

What is Plagiarism? & How to Avoid It

Citing your sources is a critical part of research writing. Representing the work, words, or ideas of others as your own, intentionally or unintentionally, is plagiarism and it can carry serious consequences. Be sure to review your instructor's syllabus and MSJC's Student Conduct page for information on the consequences of not including proper citations. When in doubt, cite your source!

For more information, check out the resources below.


Writing for Sociology : Tips and Tools  - The Writing Center at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Online Writing Resources for Students -

Writer's Handbook - The Writing Center at University of Wisconsin - Madison

Citation Generators

Citation generators can help you to create citations and works cited/references/bibliographies for your assignments. If you decide to use a citation generator, review your results carefully to be sure the citation is accurate. Some generators contain formatting errors or may not be updated to the latest edition of a particular citation style. If in doubt, refer to the appropriate style manual for definitive information.