MSJC Libraries: About Us

MSJC Library Mission Statement

To connect the students, faculty, and community of MSJC to a world of information, with enthusiasm and professionalism, in a welcoming environment conducive to academic research and study.

To provide a comprehensive and current collection of materials in a variety of formats to support the MSJC curriculum.

To support lifelong learning by teaching information competency skills to students in a variety of settings including class orientations, workshops, a credit information literacy course and by working with departments and faculty.
Consistent with the MSJC mission, and the Library Bill of Rights endorsed by the American Library Association, the MSJC library supports instruction, faculty research, and the general information and cultural needs of the MSJC community.

MVC Library

Your MVC library opened its doors to a population of 1,000 students on MSJC’s newly-built Menifee campus in 1992. Starting with one dictionary and a few video tapes, the library set out to meet the needs of students by developing a solid, comprehensive collection of books and other materials. In 2006, a state-of-the-art library facility was opened in the 800 building and its collections have grown to more than 70,000 print and e-books, thousands of print and e-journals, and over 25,000 physical and streaming videos.

Along with these resources, your MVC library offers individual research assistance and group orientations, 60 computers available for student use, WiFi access, and a quiet space to study or relax in an inviting atmosphere.

SJC Library

Your SJC Library began in the north wing of the current administration building.  In 1968 bond sales provided the resources to build the current library.  In 1982 the library was dedicated to Milo P. Johnson.  Mr. Johnson served as Mt. San Jacinto College President from 1963-1981. 

Your SJC library now holds a broad collection of books, other print materials, offers access to thousands of e-books, e-journals and streaming videos.

Along with these resources, your SJC library offers individual research assistance, 36  student computers, WiFi access, and study spaces.