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Communication 103

Finding Books at MSJC

Reference Sources

Reference Databases are a great place to do background research on a topic. They include encyclopedias, dictionaries, maps, diagrams, art, and photos. Use the search box to find information on interpersonal communication.


Search our eBook collection directly to find accessible books on a topic.

EBSCO eBooks

Springer eBooks

Borrowing Items Between MSJC Campuses

You can request items to be delivered between the Libraries if you find a book that is not available at the campus you use. Library staff can place the request for you, or use the steps below to place the request yourself from the library catalog.

  1. From your search results page, click on the title of the book to get to the full record page. 
  2. In the Get It section, click in the yellow bar "Please sign in to check if there are any request options" to sign in to your library account using your mymsjc username and password.
  3. Click on the Request option and fill in any necessary information.
  4. You will be notified through your student email in 2-3 days when the book is available for pick up.

Select Sources for Topic Exploration