AI, ChatGPT, and Other Generative Tools: For Students: MSJC Resources

This guide provides details on how to address AI, ChatGPT, and other tools to mitigate academic dishonesty in the classroom.

Online Library Orientation

The MSJC Online Library Orientation includes tutorials that address AI and can be assigned to students. These can be particularly useful in helping students navigate the way in which AI should or should not be used in developing their assignments and during the research process.

  • Developing a Research Focus - Students will learn effective ways to tackle a research assignment: pre-research strategies, develop early search terms, refining your search scope, using AI in pre-research (with a focus on the considerations, uses, and cautions of using AI), and concept maps.
  • Choosing and Using Keywords - Students will learn how to choose effective keywords for their assignments. New content related to AI has been added to this tutorial addressing the use of AI for keyword development, including evaluating the relevance and reliability of AI generated terms. 
  • Fact Checking - This fact checking tutorial will help students understand how to fact check a multitude of resources, with a focus on online sources, when conducting research. The tutorial discusses lateral reading, how to evaluate for reliability and balance, tracing claims to original sources, and considering fact checking and AI.
  • Academic Integrity and AI - Students will understand what academic integrity looks like with specific information on the potential impact of AI on academic integrity.  

Books on AI