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Advanced Research: Basic Information Timeline

This guide is for MSJC students and advanced researchers and features topics such as strategic browsing, finding data and using research tips to make your research process better, faster and smarter.

Information Time Line


Day of Event

Day/Days After

Week/Weeks After

Months After

Year After

Years After


TV/Radio/Social Media

Newspapers, Blogs, Wikis

Popular Magazines



Reference Books


General Public

General Public

Knowledgeable Layperson

Scholars, Specialists, Students

General Public to Scholars

General Public to Scholars

Kind of information

General (who, what, when, where, NOT why yet)

Varies (article analysis, statistics, images, editorial opinions

Combination of Day of Event and Day/Days After Information

Research results, detailed and theoretical discussions, bibliographies become available

Comprehensive coverages and in-depth analysis

Every information type from this row available, best resources list