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Cesar Chavez Day: Home

Books About Cesar Chavez


Cesar Chavez autobiography of La Causa

Cesar Chavez (1927Đ1993) comes to life in this vivid portrait of the charismatic fighter who boycotted supermarkets and took on corporations, the government, and the powerful Teamsters Union. 


The Words of César Chávez

Complements the editors' earlier study, The rhetorical career of Cesar Chavez.


Cesar Chavez: Leader for Migrant Farm Workers

Cesar Chavez devoted his life to improving the working conditions of farm workers in the United States, Through strikes, marches, and boycotts, Cesar Chavez led the farm laborers to Victory. 


Encyclopedia of Cesar Chavez the farm workers' fight for rights and justice

This book is a unique, single-volume treatment offering original source material on the life, accomplishments, disappointments, and lasting legacy of one of American history's most celebrated social reformers—Cesar Chavez.

The Political Spirituality of Cesar Chavez : Crossing Religious Borders

The Political Spirituality of Cesar Chavez: Crossing Religious Borders maps and challenges many of the mythologies that surround the late iconic labor leader. Focusing on Chavez's own writings...

Sal Si Puedes (Escape If You Can)

In the summer of 1968 Peter Matthiessen met Cesar Chavez for the first time...This book is Matthiessen's panoramic yet finely detailed account of the three years he spent working and traveling with Chavez, including to Sal Si Puedes, the San Jose barrio where Chavez began his organizing. 

From the Jaws of Victory

From the Jaws of Victory: The Triumph and Tragedy of Cesar Chavez and the Farm Worker Movement is the most comprehensive history ever written on the meteoric rise and precipitous decline of the United Farm Workers, the most successful farm labor union in United States history. 

Other Documentaries You Might Enjoy

Cesar Chavez: American Civil Rights Activist

Cesar Chavez: "The Power of Nonviolence" Speech

Examines the importance of Cesar Chavez and his efforts to organize farm workers in the central valley of California. It delineates the various components of Chavez's strategy for farm worker self determination--strikes, boycotts, pilgrimages, fasts--and emphasizes his commitment to nonviolence and the importance of faith and prayer in achieving his goal.

About Cesar Estrada Chavez

Born March 31, 1927 in San Luis, AZ

Chavez dedicated his life to improving the treatment, pay and working conditions for farmworkers.

Employed nonviolent means to bring attention to the plight of farmworkers

  • Led marches
  • Called for boycotts
  • Hunger strikes

Founded the National Farm Workers Association in 1962

The NFWA joined the Agricultural Workers Organizing Committee in its first strike against grape growers in California in 1965

A year later, the two unions merged, and the resulting union was renamed the United Farm Workers in 1972

It is believed that Chavez's hunger strikes contributed to his death: He died on April 23, 1993, in San Luis, Arizona

In 2014, U.S. President Barack Obama announced that Chavez's birthday, March 31, would be recognized as a federal commemorative holiday

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