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Honors 201 - Spring 2014: Library of Congress

Big Red Books

The Big Red Books include terms broader, narrower and related to a particular subject.  These books can help you identify your topic and help you modify your search when you're looking for these subjects in our online catalog.
big red book  

The purpose of the Big Red Books is to list the correct subject terms (those used by Library of Congress and by most libraries) for the topics you wish to find in the Library CatalogEach book listed in the Library Catalog will have at least one Library of Congress Subject Heading listed in its record. Click on the heading to view other books with that heading.


To find information on Native Americans, the correct term is Indians of North America. For the Death Penalty, the correct term is Capital Punishment.


SUBJECT HEADING small blue arrow

SCOPE NOTE small blue arrow
(Not included for every heading)
  Energy conservation
Here are entered general works on the conservation of all forms of energy.  Works on the conservation of energy as a physical concept are entered under Force and energy.
Works on energy conservation in specific industries, facilities, etc., are entered under the appropriate heading with subdivision Energy conservation; Transportation-Energy conservation.
USED FOR small blue arrow
(do not use these terms)
  UF Conservation of energy resource 
Conservation of Power resources
BROADER TERM small blue arrow 
(related subject headings broader in scope)
  BT Conservation of natural resources
Power resources
RELATED TERM small blue arrow
  RT Energy consumption
Energy policy
Recycling (Waste, etc.)
NARROWER TERM small blue arrow
(subject headings more narrower limited in scope)
  NT Architecture and energy conservation
Electric power-Conservation
Energy tax credits
Fuelwood Conservation 
Land use and energy conservation
Landscape architecture and energy conservation
Total energy systems (On-site electric power production)
Waste heat

  small blue arrow -Equipment and supplies
-Hot Weather conditions
-Law and legislation