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Using Worldcat: Find Books in MSJC Worldcat

Finding Books at Other Libraries

​Interlibrary Loan

     If the MSJC Libraries do not own the item, you may see a Request Item through Interlibrary Loan button. Click on it and you will be directed to a page where you can fill out a form based on the campus that you will be picking up the book.

Interlibrary Loan





MSJC Worldcat Record

1.  Title, book cover and preview. The title of the book is in bold text. On the left-hand side of the screen, you will usually see an image of the cover of the book. In addition, you may see a button entitled "preview this item". Clicking on this button will take you to the Google books interface and allow you to view portions (not the entire book) online. 

2.  Publication information. Here you will see who the author of the book is, what year it was published and the publisher. You may also frequently see a summary of the book here as well. This can be as short as a sentence or up to a paragraph. 

3.  Print/E-mail/Citation. You can e-mail or print the record for this item--a good research habit to make! When writing a paper, you will have to cite your sources. Click on the "citation" link and the citation for this item will be generated in a number of style formats including MLA and APA. Copy and paste, but always double check these citations!

4.  Library of Congress Subject Headings. Need to narrow or broaden your search? Click on one of the headings and you will see a list of results based on that subject. 

5.  Location/Status/Call Number. This tells you which library has the item, if it is checked out or not and its' location on the shelf (call number). Write down the call number if you want to the find the book on the shelf. This is how the books are organized at the MSJC libraries. Sound confusing? See this page that provides a breakdown on call numbers.

6.  Table of Contents. Many times the table of contents can help you decide if the book has the information you need for your research.

7.  Reviews. You may see some reviews of your book here. These could help you determine the quality of your book as well provide information about the author.


Finding Books @ MSJC

For books or media items you find located at one of the MSJC libraries, click on the "availability" link, note which library houses it, and write down the "Call number." 

How to get a book from the MSJC Campus Library to the Menifee Library and Vice-Versa:

If the item is located at the MSJC library, click on the title of the book to get to the detailed record screen, click on the Place Hold button and enter your Worldcat username and password. When the book is delivered to Menifee, you will receive an email (mymsjc email) letting you know the book is ready for pick up. Follow the same steps to request that a book from the Menifee library be sent to the MSJC library, just make sure to select MSJC as the pick up location.

   Place Hold

MSJC Worldcat Record

This a screenshot of a detailed book record. You can read a description of each numbered area
in the column to the left.