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Child Development 125

Why Use Articles?

Use ARTICLES to find a shorter treatment of your topic, for example, information on one particular aspect of child development. 

What Is A Peer Reviewed Journal?

  • Library databases are used to find PEER-REVIEWED ARTICLES, statistical information, and other information not usually found through Internet search engines (i.e. Google, Yahoo). 
  • The material found within databases is generally more acceptable to use than material found on the web because it comes from professionals working in the field that you are researching. You still need to personally review material to make sure it is appropriate for your topic.

The following link and video will help you understand the peer review process and the difference between peer reviewed journals and magazines.

  • Peer reviewed Journals and Magazines
    Short Flash tutorial that illustrates the differences betwen these two types of publications. 
  • Watch the three minute video below on scholarly articles/peer review process from the University of Washington (hence the Husky at the beginning of the video:). 

Anatomy of a Scholarly Article

Follow this link to view an illustration of the major sections of a scholarly peer reviewed article.

Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Articles in Child Development

The library's online databases contain millions of published articles from popular magazines, scholarly journals and news sources. In these databases, you can search for your topic in thousands of publications at the same time. The following is a list of the library databases that are good resources for scholarly journal articles.  Note: off-campus access to these databases requires that you sign on using your mymsjc user name and password.