English 101 - Arguing a Position: Find Books

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The MSJC Libraries own or subscribe to over 200,000 eBooks. Most eBooks are read on whatever device you are using. They can be found in the Library's catalog, along with print books. After entering your search terms in  OneSearch, refine your results by Format (books) and Availability (available online) to limit your search results to eBooks.

Each eBook collection can also be accessed individually and directly through the Libraries' A-Z Database List.

EBSCO eBooks are recommended as a good starting point with the largest collection of eBooks on the widest range of subjects.

  • Ebscohost EbooksDigital versions of published print books, such as reference books, scholarly monographs, fiction, and nonfiction books from a broad range of subject areas and topics.
  • Springer Ebooks - eBooks that primarily cover biomedicine, life sciences, behavioral health, mathematics, chemistry, materials science and medicine.

Need to find background information or a definition of a term/concept? The following online reference sources are a good place to start your research.

Featured Books Sources

Contemporary World Issues 

This series provides historical background, contemporary context, and resources for further research about today's most talked-about topics. Description from: ABC-Clio

If you don't have a topic yet, browsing this series might help you find a subject that sparks you interest. Here is a list of titles from this series that are available through the MSJC Libraries (both online and hard copy).



Information Plus

The Information Plus Reference Series provides statistical data on 32 of today's most controversial and most studied social issues. Each Information Plus title is a compilation of current and historical statistics -- with analysis -- on aspects of one contemporary social issue, such as abortion, capital punishment, and genetic engineering.from Gale Product Description Page

Here is a list of titles from this series that are available at the MSJC Libraries.
(both online and hard copy).

Finding and Requesting Items from Other Libraries

If you don't find what you need in MSJC's collections, you can search the catalogs of other libraries and request that those titles be sent to your preferred MSJC campus through our interlibrary loan service. Typically there is no cost to you for this service, but please be aware that some libraries charge interlibrary loan fees. We will contact you for approval of any borrowing fees before requesting the items for you. It can take up to two weeks for items to be delivered, so be sure you give yourself enough time.

  1. Try UCR's catalog. Because UCR is so close, any books you request may get here more quickly if they are available..
  2. Request the books you found by filling out the MSJC Interlibrary Loan Request form and we will notify you at your student e-mail you when your books arrive.