Ebooks at MSJC Libraries: Student Access

About Ebooks at MSjC

Access Limits

eBook providers may place limits on the number of students who can view or use an eBook at the same time. If you get a "This book is not available" message or are asked to wait to read an eBook, this is most likely the reason.

Here's a quick summary of user limitations on our eBook providers:

  • Credo Reference - Unlimited
  • EBSCOhost eBooks: mostly multi-user, some single user, usage level will be listed in the detailed record under concurrent user level in the library catalog.
  • Gale Virtual Reference Library: Unlimited
  • Springer eBooks - unlimited users but fully downloadable.


Off-Campus Access

When you are off-campus to access ebooks you will need to use your mymsjc login and password

On Campus Access

If you are using a desk-top computer when you are on campus, you will only need to navigate to the library's website