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Streaming Video

Accessing Academic Video Online

  • Academic Video Online is available on the library homepage, just click on the "Streaming Media"  link in the lower left-hand side of the screen. 
  • In order to access the Alexander Street Press Streaming Videos from off campus you will need to login with your mymsjc username and password.

Searching for Videos

  • You can search the Alexander Street Press video database for a specific topic. You can focus your search by selecting a specific discipline from the All Disciplines drop down menu.
  • Click the View your collections link at the top of the page to select a specific video collection.

Search Results

  • Click on the video thumbnail or the title of the video to open the video player and view the video.
  • You can narrow your search results by where your search terms were found. This will display the results for your search terms appearing in the video or series title, the subject assigned to the video, or the in the transcripts of the video. 
  • You can narrow your search results by discipline area, or use the options under the Refine your search options on the left side of the screen.

Viewing Videos

  • As the video plays the text in the transcript will be highlighted. You can also search the transcript to jump to the part of the video where the word appears.
  • The controls to play and pause the video are on the lower left of the video.
  • The controls to change the way the video is displayed are on the lower right of the video.You can view the video within the Academic Video Online page, or view the video full screen.
  • When you hover over the video timeline at the bottom of the video player the visual table of contents will appear. You can jump to a different part of the video by using the visual table of contents.

Creating an Account

  • You must create a free account with Academic Video Online in order to save playlists and clips.
  • Click the Sign in to save playlists / clips link in the upper right corner of the page.
  • Click the Create new account tab in order to create a new free account.
  • Click the Request new password tab if you do not know your password for your Alexander Street Press account.

Creating Clips

  • You can create custom clips of Academic Video Online videos. 
  • You must create a free account in order to create clips.
  • To create custom clips click on the scissor icon or the bookmark icon at the below the video player.
  • The scissor icon sets the green clip start flag at the beginning of the video and the red clip stop flag at the end of the video. Both the start and stop times can be dragged to the position where you would like the clip to begin and end.
  • The bookmark icon sets the green clip start flag at the current video position. The red stop flag can be dragged to the position where you would like the clip to end.
  • You can also manually enter the start and finish times for your clip.
  • You can give your clip a title, add descriptive notes, and choose who is able to see the clip.
  • If you want to share your clip with your students then you must set the clip to be visible to Everyone at my institution.

Playing Clips

  • Click on the Clips menu to view the clips created for that video. You may see clips created by other Alexander Street Press users.
  • Click the play button to play the clip.
  • Click the embed/link button to get the permament link for the clip to add the link to your Blackboard site.

Linking to Videos

  • You can link to videos from Academic Video Online in your Blackboard course.
  • Click the Embed/Link button below the video player to obtain the permanent link for the video. This link can be put in your Blackboard course to enable students to access the video.
  • Highlight the permanent link and copy it so it can be pasted into your Blackboard course.