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Advanced Research: Database Evaluation

This guide is for MSJC students and advanced researchers and features topics such as strategic browsing, finding data and using research tips to make your research process better, faster and smarter.

Database Evaluation

Before you begin searching a database, you will want to figure out whether the database contains the information you need for your research. Take some time to evaluate it.  This can save you time and get better results.


To select a database by subject/discipline, click the All Databases (A-Z) link.


Click on the All Subjects and select from the drop-down list.

When selecting a database there are other considerations regarding the information that a database can provide.

1.  What material formats does the databases provide; articles, ebooks, newspapers?

2.  What time periods are covered? In Ebsco, for example, the time period can be discovered under the LIMIT TO refine feature on the left side of displayed results.