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Sociology 115: Choosing a Topic

Contemporary Chicano in Society

Choosing a Topic

Topic Ideas


For example, if your topic is about Chicano identity you should consider taking a look at the listings of the Mexican Americans, EBSCO eBook Collection, the history of Chicanos, then history databases, Chicano literaure take a look at the History Reference Center Database and social issues in the Chicano community America: History and Life with Full Text

You should consider checking out the Databases area under Articles and Databases for additional resources.

Finding Your Topic

Do "preresearch" on your topic before you get bogged down in the details. Articles in subject encyclopedias and academic reference books can bring you insight on your topic, provide definitions, background information, timelines, dates, basic statistics, bibliography and lists of additional resources.. Online encyclopedias often contain additional content such as images, videos, links to websites, etc. Find additional print reference books on your topic by searching the library's catalog.

Gale Virtual Reference Library
Collection of 2,000+ full-text Reference books, includes resources for all disciplines taught on this campus.
CQ Researcher
Full-text detailed reports on controversial social, economic, political, educational, health, environmental, technology, and current topics. Each report includes an abstract, overview, background summary, current situation, outlook, special focus, chronology, pro/con, and bibliography.
Opposing Viewpoints (Gale)
Covers a wide range of controversial topics and results may include sources such as magazine, newspaper or journal articles, government documents, political position papers, public policy statements, legal and legislative materials, pamphlets, statistical data, biographies, court cases, and links websites.
Alexander Street Press (video) is a publisher of award-winning online collections and videos for scholarly research, teaching, and learning. Our content is carefully curated by expert editors around specific subjects and disciplines, sourced from producers and archives around the globe.
Garland Encyclopedia of World Music Online
Music encyclopedia covering all the world's peoples with regional overviews explaining musical heritage and traditions, description of specific musical genres, and more.